Building Companies. Developing Careers.

Introducing The Pederson Group

We are proud to introduce The Pederson Group. 

When we first met the team at Pederson we knew, right away, that they cared about the impact they made for the companies they represented, and the people they helped.

Their positioning statement sums it up best: Building Companies. Developing Careers.

We really enjoyed working with The Pederson Group to create their new branding (and website). Today, we wanted to share their new logo with the world. The goal for the logo was to showcase the upward mobility of an individual in their career. Metaphorically “moving up the floors”. We also wanted to tie in the niche industry that The Pederson Group specializes in - construction. So we brought in aspects of a tall, but incomplete, tower.

Expect big things from them.

The Pederson Group Logo Design

pederson group website

pederson biz cards

The Pederson Group Website Design

The Pederson Group Website Design